Objectives of this project

O1. Promote students and teachers collaborative intercultural and interdisciplinary work;
O2. Increase school success in integration of foreign students in Europe;
O3. Increase competence in foreign languages;
O4. Increase level of digital competence;
O5. Increase understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
O6. Increase teacher’s professional competencies.
The needs to be addressed, previously identified by each partner, are:
N1. Teachers and students need to know to integrate foreign students in their schools;
N2. Teachers and students have great desire to learn to work in teams (cooperative and collaborative work);
N3. Solving the problems of failure (students with learning difficulties); indiscipline; inter multiculturalism.

The target groups accorded between partners, previously the partnership

T1. Students from basic to secondary schools;
T2. Teachers of T1 students.


This project has to be transnational

A1. Cooperate with Europeans partner schools in order to learn about other culture, sharing ideas, experiences and reinforce notions such as solidarity, peace, discrimination combat and foreigns integration;
A2. Integration education and equality of opportunities in a European level;
A3. Combat racism and xenophobia among the European partners;
A4. New practices on education, working with marginated people, in a integrated form with local, regional and European authorities.

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