Below you will find the main activities and some of the products generated

A1 Creating brochures, posters and short movies in national languages, used to disseminate the project done

AT_LeafletGR_Leaflet | IT_Leaflet | PT_Leaflet | SP_Leaflet

A11 Video presentation about each country/city/school done

Austria | Greece | ItalyPortugal | Spain

A2 Creating the project website with video channel, e-diary, communication channel, e-book, project management system done

Video channel | e-Book | e-diary | project management system | etwinning (communication channel)

M1 Transnational meeting – AUSTRIA done

Skype meeting (September’ 2016) for preparing this meeting


A4 Designing the Project Logo done


A6 Schools Contest to select the best Logo done

A5 Updating the project management done

Project Management Manual | Project Management Presentation

Project Structure Plan – Start

Project Structure Plan – End

A7 Survey diagnose to measure motivation to school, self-esteem and social relations done

A23 Survey about teachers and students integration and ICT usage done

A10 Survey analysis done

Results of the survey and analysis

C1 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils+Accompanying staff – SPAIN done


Reports on refugees and foreign situation in each country

Previous TasksAT_Report | GR_Report | IT_Report | PT_Report | SP_Report

Tasks Presentation

AT_Task1&2 | AT_Task3 | PT_Task1 | PT_Task2 | PT_Task3

A16 Celebrating Europe day done

Celebrating Europe Day

C2 Short-term joint staff training events – PORTUGAL done



eTwinning (Presentation; Registration Tutorial; Manual) | Project Management Tool (Presentation; Manual)

A21 Creating B-Learning Course “Motion pictures integration in learning and teaching process as CW, PBL and SL deployment strategy of foreign students integration in schools” done

Course provided by Fernando Galrito

C3 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils+Accompanying staff – GREECE done


Workshops documents

TasksInterview tips

A13 Interviews and creation of video capture, video editing and producing in all countries with foreign/refugees and locals  done

(click in the picture above for the playlist)

C4 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils+Accompanying staff – AUSTRIA  done


Previous Interviews Videos for Cutting and Editing Workshops

Austria | Greece | Italy | Portugal | Spain

C5 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils+Accompanying staff – ITALY done


M2 Transnational meeting – PORTUGAL done



Conference banner | Conference Flyer with Programme