C5 – Meeting in Italy

The 5th Transnational meeting was held in Rosarno, Italy from 13th of May to 17th of May 2019

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Monday 13 May
09:00 h OPENING DAY Auditorium School
10:00 h School Tour
11:00 h Workshop n 1 Italy: Ethical work “ Mother Earth”
12:00 h Workshop n 2 Austria: Icebreaking activities
14:30 h Workshop n 3 Only for Teachers Austria: presentation of the evaluation of the 3rd meeting in Austria
14:30 h Workshop n 4 Italy: Murals at school: On the routes of migrants!
Evening Students with the Host Families
Tuesday 14 May
09:00 Departure to Tropea
10:00 Tour of the Gods’ coast – Tropea – Capo Vaticano
11:00 Workshop n.5 Sports activities on the beach
14:00 Visit Tropea City
16:00 Departure to Rosarno
Evening Students with the Host Families

Wednesday 15 May
09:00 Workshop n.6 Visit Tents camp of San Ferdinando
10:30 Workshop n.7 Visiting the ”Port of Gioia Tauro”. The largest port in Italy and the 6th one of Mediterranean
14:30 Workshop n. 8 Only for Teachers – Working on the final video I Part
14:30 Workshop n. 9 Portugal: presentation of the project website
15:00 Workshop n.10 Greece: presentation of the e-Diary
Evening Students with the Host Families “Bowling – Latin American evening”
Teachers Wonderful evening in Scilla.

Thursday 16 May
09:30 Event Organizer: Doctor Gianni Arruzzolo
Cerimony of “ Welcoming to the I.I.S.Piria”. Meeting at the“ Palazzo Campanella “ Sala Giuditta
Levato” Consiglio Regionale della Calabria – Reggio Calabria City. With the participation of
Authorities, Politicians and Associations operating in the field of peace.

10:00 Presentation of the Italian Video
10:15 UNHCR Workshop Title “UNHCR in Calabria: UNHCR in Calabria: activities in support of asylum
seekers and refugees”. Dr. Chiara Davoli
11:15 Final Video
10:30 Guided tour of the Palazzo Campanella http://www.consiglioregionale.calabria.it/portale/Cittadino/VisitaVirtuale/Levato
15:00 Museum of Reggio Calabria. Inside the world famous statues of the “Bronzi Di Riace”.
16:00 Departure to Rosarno
19:00 Gala Dinner – Italian Evening at the restaurant

Friday 17 May
07:00 Departure to Aeolian Islands
07:30 Workshop n.11 Italy: On the routes of migrants
10.15 Arrival in Vulcano, “Porto di Levante”
11.45 Departure to Lipari
12.00 Arrival in Lipari
14.30 Departure to Stromboli destination.
16:00 Arrival in Stromboli, “Porto Scari”
17:30 Departure from Stromboli to Tropea
18:00 Workshop n. 12 Italy: On the routes of migrants
18: 00 Workshop n.13 About the final Meeting in Portugal
19.00 Expected arrival at the “Port of Tropea”
19:00 Departure to Rosarno