C3 – Meeting in Greece

The 3rd Transnational meeting was held in Iraklio, Greece from 23rd of April to 27th of April 2018

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Monday 23th April
Welcome activities – “Get to know each other”- Art lesson – Attending a Greek lesson [students].
Visit board of school – Greek lesson – “Get to know each other”[teachers].
“Get to know each other through cameras”

Tuesday 24th April
Workshop “Me and EU”: Documentary research
“Suity Hero”: Live action Role Play [students].
Coordinators meeting [teachers].
Workshop “Me and EU”: Setting up an interview
Treasure hunt, open air activities and dinner at “Lido Soccer” with children refugees.

Wednesday 25th April
Daily bus trip to the eastern part of Crete. [Aquarium, Spinalonga island, Agios Nikolaos City, Knossos]

Thursday 26th April
Workshop “Me and EU”: Interviews of refugees.
Esplanada walk: Pagkrition stadium. Natural History Museum of Crete.

Friday 27th April
Archaeological Museum [teachers].
Workshop “Me and EU”: Editing [students]
Group activities. “Escape school”.
Closing Ceremony at the school. Dinner. Farewell party.