C2 – Meeting in Portugal

02/10/2017 to 06/10/2017

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DAY 1 – 02/10/2017
Our moderator will be the PhD Fernando Galrito. He defined all this course curricula and will be the coordinator of all activities, except cultural visits.

Course “Motion pictures integration in learning and teaching process”
Session #1: – From pre-cinema to cinema – Optical game | Animated poem – Recording, viewing and discussing result
Session #2: – Animation techniques: Animation of plasticine and objects, whiteboard (or interactive whiteboard) with sand (light table), pixilation
– Assembly and visualization of results
Session #3: – Cinema language: From idea to film; storyline, storyboard, production map, recording, editing map, assembly, sound and presentation
– Work proposal | Documentary

Visit to Lisbon Story Centre, Praça do Comércio and Cais do Sodré

DAY 2 – 03/10/2017
Several team meetings regarding the project activities and autonomous course work.

Session #4: – Work project (continuation)

DAY 3 – 04/10/2017
Autonomous course work from previous day.

Session #5: – Work project (continuation)
Session #6: – Course platform: how to work with.
Session #7: – Presentation of each group of the documentary project in progress.
Session #8:- Discussion of projects. Cinematographic and documentary analysis. Assembly and sound. – Launch of the work | Individual documentary about the following day’s trip – Assembly on the mobile phone – One minute to tell about Quinta da Regaleira

DAY 4 – 05/10/2017
Sintra, visiting Quinta da Regaleira and Roca Cape.

DAY 5 – 06/10/2017
Session #9: A 3 Minute Movie Fiction – A fictional film inspired by one of the stories of the working groups. – Storyline, Storyboard. – Recording scenes.
Session #10: – Download for computer, mounting and sound. – Viewing the results. – Discussion of the work done.

Course finished and there was a Fairwell dinner.