Me and EU – Teaching and Learning Through Motion Pictures

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The objective of this partnership project, with teams from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria and Greece, arises from mutual problems:

How to integrate foreigners/refugees into schools?
How to integrate foreigners/refugees with the other students?
How can we motivate them for learning?
What can be done to make them feel integrated into society?

These are relevant questions nowadays in all European countries that are receiving more and more foreign and refugees. Integration is an important issue in order to promote tolerance, respect, peace and avoid violence, suffering and failure.

As teachers we are concerned about what happens at school. We must help our students to learn and thus promoting cognitive and personal development, in a sense that meaningful learning could stand through collaborative work, problem based learning and service learning strategies.

The stimulation of cultural values is very important to improve social environment of schools, and motion pictures can be a central deployment tool for a change and they can bring innovative practices to learning and teaching process.

Throughout  the project we will prepare teaching strategies in order to provide students with active learning, motivating, meaningful and collaborative activities. We want them to acquire tools and working methods that allow them to deal not only with the school but also with the real world.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views
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